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We, as automation partners, future-proof and streamline production as well as manual operations with innovative robot solutions including collaborative robots, also known as cobots that can interact safely alongside humans. The German-designed and -produced Franka Emika Cobot is a breakthrough in this type of robot with its high sensitivity and intuitive programming.

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Partnering with fanuc

The Franka Emika Cobot is a future robot with a design and functionality that makes it easy to integrate into production. It is a versatile, 3-kilogram handling robot that stands out with its seven axes and pressure sensors in all joints, making it incredibly sensitive when it encounters resistance.

The software is based on apps that are continuously developed and expanded. The latest apps and updates are placed in Franka World, a cloud-based marketplace, where they are easily accessible to users. This means that the cobot can quickly adapt to new functions such as gripping, suctioning, gluing, soldering, and screwing. Individual apps can be created for each production process, or existing apps can be adapted to accommodate specific parameters in the process.

Franka Emika Cobot is a flexible and user-optimized automation solution that meets the demands of today and the future for quality, precision, efficiency, and fast adaptation.


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