We strive for the best result

Welcome to a stable and reliable company that will solve your task to perfection. We are known for our creative solutions, high quality, competitive prices, and precision in relation to schedules and agreements.

When we produce products and solve tasks together with customers, we offer you personal, friendly, and proper service. P. K. Jeppesen and Son can provide you with a complete solution. Our employees always deliver quality work based on our many years of experience. As a company, we will always consider whether we have found the optimal solution to your needs.

p.k. jeppesen & son's values

In close collaboration with the client, we carry out the project from the initial idea to the finished product being implemented and approved.


Honesty and respect in collaborations


Creative development


Preciseness in execution


Surplus for smiles and friendliness

Our green perspective

As a company, we have a responsibility to be as green as possible. This is one of our highest priorities, which is why we only use green energy in the house and we do business as far as possible only with companies that focus on the green transition.


Cleaning - flexible job.


We are a company working towards becoming a modern machine factory. PKJ delivers high quality, and our employees are the key to a successful future. We invest in our employees and our well-being. That is the future.

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Together we are PKJ

The staff is the most valuable asset at P.K. Jeppesen. Everyone is appreciated and contributes, whether they are employees with 35 years of seniority or apprentices in their first year of training. We are constantly working to improve ourselves.


We are proud of our history, which is an important foundation for the development our company has undergone. After 133 years, P.K. Jeppesen & Søn A/S continues to be a modern and innovative company thanks in large part to our ability to stay ahead of the curve and understand how to continuously adapt to the market.

Today, we specialize in complete solutions and custom projects within the blacksmithing industry. We expertly handle your project from the initial thoughts and drawings to the point where you have a satisfying final product. Our specialty is still the creation and repair of machine parts, and we stay updated with primarily CNC-controlled machinery and other up-to-date equipment. Our creativity and high quality are still going strong, and we still deliver on time and at competitive prices.



Victor Rasmussen

We are a company working towards becoming a modern engineering factory. PKJ provides high quality and our employees are the key to a successful future. We invest in our employees and our wellbeing. That’s the future.