machine building

We can deliver, design, and construct one or more machines for you.

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Machine building

Would you like to hear more about how we construct machines at PKJ, or do you have a specific machine you need designed and would like a good offer for? Fill out the form here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

More than just construction and design.

Flexibility and development are keywords when constructing and designing machines and systems for you. Our customers are very diverse, and therefore  we  also solve very different tasks. We provide

1. Service for special machines

within existing machine systems. Our own machines, which we have designed ourselves, give us great expertise in many different systems, and therefore we can service a wide range of machines.

2. Ready-designed custom machinery

If you have a custom machine that has already been designed and you’d like it built, we can handle it. In our own workshop, we can create and commission a machine from other companies so that it is fully functional when you receive it.

3. Custom machinery tailored to your needs

We are able to create the machine you need. We design, build, commission, and finish with complete documentation and a CE conformity declaration when we deliver the machine to you.