p.k. jeppesen and son's journey

Precision and craftsmanship since 1888. We began in Thy with windmills for draining meadows, and today we have produced machines for the entire world.


PKJ is established

It all began in Hurup Thy, where the company was founded to manufacture wind turbines for the agriculture industry. PKJ started with modest means, but with an entrepreneurial spirit, we grew.


PKJ to "Kornbuen"

P.K. Jeppesen is expanding its business and moving to the Næstved industrial area where we are still located today.


4 accessed CNC machines

PKJ purchased a Mazak Nexus 350 – LL MY and a Mazak Nexus 350-LL-M.



The dream of creating machines for the cable industry became a reality, and Flextrack was created. The machine can pull 2 tons per unit and can be linked together to get the necessary traction.



Quality Control System ISO 9000 og ISO 3834


More room

P. K. Jeppesen is expanding its production area by an additional 7600 square meters.


Vitek - Vibration feeders

Another business area originating from Amager. PKJ started by sending men into the company to learn how their vibration machines work. An interesting area that can be connected to many of our current machines.


Green power

384 modules were installed on our production buildings. Our solar power system provides green energy to our machine department.


PKJ is moved to Naestved

The company relocated to Næstved and started expanding.


First CNC-maskine

The company’s first CNC lathe, a Mazak SQT 15 with rotating tools.


New owner

On July 1st, 2014, PKJ was sold. Anders Moestrup Rasmussen took over the company, with him at the helm going forward.


Arne is an expert in welding on an international level.

Arne has received training as a welding coordinator at P.K. Jeppesen & Son A/S and has earned certificates for DS 1090 & ISO 3834. These certifications enable him to approve welds and calculations, ensuring that all work performed is of the highest quality. As a result, Arne also serves as our quality control specialist.


PKJ Robotics

Franka Emika Cobot joined PKJ. The robot is one of the most advanced robotic systems in the world. It is a German-produced collaborative robot of the highest quality.

The smart, collaborative robot makes robot technology intuitive and scalable for all production areas.


In order to reach both private and business customers, we have expanded our business areas with, among other things, the website stålet.dk. This website offers the possibility to buy steel in custom sizes. It’s steel made-to-measure.


jq steel

JQ will become a sister company to PKJ.


We are proud of our history and it is an important foundation for the development that the company has undergone. The fact that P.K. Jeppesen & Son A/S after 135 years is still a modern and innovative company is largely due to our ability to stay ahead of developments and constantly adapt to the market.

Today, we specialize in complete solutions and special tasks within the field of metalworking. We handle your project from the initial ideas and drawings to delivering a satisfactory product. Our area of expertise remains in manufacturing and repairing machine parts, and we primarily use CNC-controlled machines and equipment that are up-to-date. Our creativity and high quality work are still thriving, and we continue to deliver on time at competitive prices.

Our Employees

Our employees are your partners. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into finding the best professionals for P. K. Jeppesen & Son A/S. It pays off to be picky and thorough in the selection process. So here you will meet a strong team of skilled, dedicated, and highly valued employees.