relocation of production facilitiEs

The relocation of machines and entire production plants has always been a part of P.K. Jeppesen’s expertise for over 133 years.

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Relocation of production facilities

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Dismantling, relocation, renovation, installation, and commissioning of machinery equipment.

Moving – a complex task performed with great oversight

When you need to move your factory to the neighboring municipality or out of the country, there are many factors that you need to pay attention to. At P. K. Jeppesen & Søn A / S, we have great experience with both the technical and administrative aspects of a production relocation, and we can therefore help you, among other things, with:

1. We move the entire factory

If you need to have your production facility moved, you can safely leave the entire task to us. We dismantle, move, renovate, install, and commission your machinery so that you can quickly benefit from your production facility at the new location and continue your business as soon as possible.

2. Are you planning to build production facilities in Denmark?

We help companies build foreign production facilities in Denmark. The foreign company provides the expertise, and we offer external assistance and collaborate with them, ensuring a good and safe process with an optimal result that you will be satisfied with as a Danish company.

3. Are you planning to build production facilities abroad?

If you are a Danish company planning to build production facilities abroad, we can be your close advisor and partner. We have the expertise and manpower to build good production facilities abroad.