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PKJ Robotics was established in 2020 as a subsidiary of P.K. Jeppesen & Son A/S Machine Factory, with a focus on robot implementation in our automation solutions.

Since 1888, PKJ Machine Factory has provided competent and reliable solutions to customers and partners with a smile. We believe that our open, close, and honest approach to collaboration creates satisfied customers.

Franka Emika cobot

As an automation partner, we future-proof and streamline production and manual operations with innovative robot solutions, including collaborative robots, also known as cobots, which can safely interact alongside humans.

Flextrack tensioner

FlexTrack is a modular traction system with great flexibility and pulling power. That’s the essence of FlexTrack, which we have developed to take on the heavy lifting for you.

As specialists in automation of manufacturing, we can find a solution that fits your needs. With our expertise at hand, there are very few limitations and plenty of opportunities for automation in your production.

cnc milling

With a wide range of CNC turning and milling machines, we offer a multitude of unique opportunities to create the solution you need.

With a wide range of machines for CNC turning and CNC milling, we offer countless unique possibilities to create the solution you need.

When you need to relocate your factory to a neighboring municipality or out of the country, there are many factors to consider. At P.K. Jeppesen & Son A/S, we have extensive experience with both the technical and administrative aspects of production relocation.

Quality craftsmanship is recognizable. Every cut and every bend is crucial to in order to give you a useful product. When you let us handle your task, you can be sure that our expertise will ensure you get the exact solution you need.

Machines and production plants can last for many years, if they get the necessary maintenance. It pays off, and we have extensive experience in producing, installing, and giving maintenance to machines of all kinds.

Flexibility and innovation are key words when we construct and design machinery and equipment for you. Our customers are very diverse, and as a result, we also solve a variety of tasks.

We have a proud tradition in high-quality blacksmithing. Our employees are well-educated and have many years of experience with various types of forging tasks.

We can provide you with the machine drawings you need. We always draw in the latest version of Autodesk Inventor, and our employees continually attend training courses on the program’s newest features.

We have a proud tradition of high-quality grinding. Our employees are well-educated and have many years of experience with all types of grinding tasks.

At P. K. Jeppesen & Son A/S, we are passionate about precision and good craftsmanship. That’s why we have two types of CNC machines for spark erosion.

Vitek Vibration Technology has many years of experience in providing equipment for automatic work processes. We specialize in building feeders for handling mass parts, and our expertise is at your disposal.

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